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Welcome to the City of Chicago’s portal for parking, standing, compliance, red light camera and/or automated speed enforcement violation payment plans. This site may be used to enroll in a early payment plan or standard payment plan or to view and make payments on existing payment plan(s).

To get started, please use one of the search functions below.

Searching by Notice Number

Your notice number is located near the top of violation notices issued by the Department of Finance. Notice numbers are ten digits long and begin with a 5. Multiple tickets in various statuses may be associated with a single notice number. If you have more than one notice number and have Illinois license plates, you may contact the Illinois Secretary of State at (800)-252-2904 to request that your driver's license number be added to all of your license plate registrations. This will facilitate consolidation of your debt in the future. Companies or individuals with a large number of violations may experience a significant delay when using this search option. (Where is my notice number located?)

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Searching by Driver's License Number

Driver's license numbers issued by the State of Illinois are 12 characters in length beginning with a letter. Enter your driver's license number without dashes or spaces. Only those tickets issued to a license plate which has a driver's license number on the plate registration will be retrieved. You may not retrieve information using this search option if your driver's license is issued by a state other than Illinois.

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Searching by Payment Plan Number

Each payment plan has a payment plan number. The payment plan number appears in the email which you received upon enrollment in the payment plan. If you have multiple payment plans, you will have multiple payment plan numbers.

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Looking to Pay, Check Status or Search for Parking, Red Light & Automated Speed Enforcement Tickets not in a Payment Plan?

You can search for, see hearing or ticket status, and pay your parking, red light camera or automated speed enforcement tickets on-line. You can search for tickets using a variety of information including your license plate number and driver's license number.

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For questions regarding your payment plan options, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page section or call (312)744-7275 (Monday through Friday, 7AM-7PM CST).